PollDaddy is the Daddy!


I got a request today about online survey software programs from a student. They needed to create an online survey which included audio files. I thought this would be a relatively easy task, but no. Finding a free one proved difficult.

I went through all the usual options; Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, DoodlePoll, even trying quizzing programs like QuizRevolution and Hot Potatoes. But no, I still couldn’t get a questionnaire with audio attachments.

Eventually I stumbled on PollDaddy, which to my surprise is a WordPress product. It comes with the usual “standard” free survey options, but crucially it allows you to embed audio to the questionnaire.

This being a standard free survey package, it means you are limited to the usual 10 questions and only 200 responses. One other downside is it will not allow for the “full” statistical analysis, this would be a problem for me using it professionally but I suspect will suffice for most users.

In the testing of it I managed to knock this off in 10 minutes so it is very easy to use http://jamym.polldaddy.com/s/test-survey.

5/03/2013 – EDIT: You can add video files as well, I didn’t notice this at the time. But here is a test i did for a dissertation student.

In terms of its use departmentally, I can see hundreds of benefits to it. I am currently running a pilot of Google Forms for module evaluation (future blog/case study being written), and if I had known about this program 2 months ago I would have said use this instead and pay the subscription fee. I am very big on the best tool for the job, and as far as i can see PollDaddy is the daddy.

In other words, use WordPress and use PollDaddy they kick the competitions arse.

If you can afford it and have a use for it buy the full version.

The advantages are:

  • Allows for greater customisation
  • Easy to share: You can send link, embed, create pop up banners plus many more)
  • Can be linked to Social Media
  • Mobile compatible

The Disadvantages are:

  • You need a WordPress account
  • Can be fiddly to set up if you are not familiar with WordPress and its idiosyncrasies
  • Free version limits to 10 questions and 200 responses a month (more than SurveyMonkey)
  • Single sign on: Sorry not a fan of single sign on, i like a password and account for ALL my programs.

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4 responses to “PollDaddy is the Daddy!”

  1. Gary Wood says :

    Interesting article, Jamie, and certainly a useful product for anyone wanting a more advanced survey tool.

    I’m interested in your comment on using PollDaddy for module evaluation. Given that we don’t need audio – or any media, for that matter – what advantages would it have over Google Forms?

    I agree about the best tool for the job, but when the job is not that advanced, surely another important consideration is the availability of the tools, and since we already have Google institutionally, and are trying to promote its wider use, Google seems to be the obvious choice. Using it for central tasks like evaluation will go a long way to improving its profile and helping colleagues see its benefits for their own applications.

    • jamym says :

      Hi Gary,

      It is not so much for the advanced functionality such as the multimedia. It is more it is much easier to use, it was easier for me to duplicate tests. And with a sign in I can just give you details to log in. The share feature on Google proves to be a little awkward when dealing with less computer literate people and with the multiple surveys we were going to do this would have been easier.

    • jamym says :

      Also I had in mind people who do aural exams, this would have been really useful for Andrew Linn last week.

      I do my best to use Google were it is best, and at the start of this project forms was the stand out product. PollDaddy for me is better.

      I also discovered it because it was a linguistics 3rd year who needed the help and we couldnt get forms to work.

      • Gary Wood says :

        Hi Jamie,

        Thanks for your reply. I agree PollDaddy is better for this – I know from our Twitter discussion and looking at Google Forms with you earlier that it was totally unsuitable, because it couldn’t handle multimedia.

        I’d never thought about it before, but the lack of multimedia handling is a big drawback, I think. I know of several relatively simple studies that students have done where they’ve required people to see an image and respond to it. This just wouldn’t be possible with Google Forms, and yet people are quickly switching away from other services like SurveyMonkey in favour of Google.


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